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Alternative Exercise Classes London Midtown
January 4th, 2018

While we aren’t buying into the whole “New year, New You” spiel, there’s certainly something to be said for using January to regain some of the fitness we’ve lost over the festive period. Filled with Christmas parties, luxurious food and, let’s be honest, copious amounts of mulled wine, December isn’t exactly the healthiest month of the year. That said, we’ll be the first to admit that time on the treadmill isn’t exactly our favourite past time, and crushing the crosstrainer can quickly become a bit boring. So our resolution for 2018? We’re trying something new. Exercise should be fun – so we’re turning to these guys to try out some of the alternative exercise classes London Midtown has to offer. Who’s in?

Boom Cycle

Unlike other spin studios that have gained popularity of late, Boom Cycle seems less like a club (no strobe lighting) and more like the perfect place for a yin yoga session. Don’t be fooled by the small room and candle lighting though, a class at Boom will work everything from your legs to your core. You can guarantee you’ll leave dripping in sweat and high on endorphins. Each instructor brings their own playlists – so keep an ear out for the tunes you like and keep going back for more of the same. We love Muireann Carey-Campbell’s (AKA Bangs) RnB vibes.

Central School of Ballet

Make like Darcey Bussell and head to the adult ballet classes at Central School of Ballet. As one of the leading ballet schools in the UK, you will be taught by the absolute best of the best. With offerings for complete beginners to pro, there are a range of ballet classes to try your hand at, as well as contemporary and jazz options too. Classes have much the same vibe as you’d expect – teachers are firm but funny and David Kierce who runs the Absolute Beginners class at 7pm on a Thursday is incredibly welcoming, helping you to leave your inhibitions at the door.

Pole Tricks

Pole dancing has increased in popularity over recent years. To be honest, we can see why. It’s a fun, dynamic workout that will strengthen and tone your entire body. The Pole Tricks class at Gymbox, Farringdon will allow you to work on your strength, flexibility, and endurance, while you learn climbs, spins, transitions and inversions with choreography on and off the pole. It’s worth travelling a little beyond the Midtown border, because honestly, after an hour of this, you’ll feel strong and bold. The next day’s DOMS will be so worth it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Aerial Hoop

While we’re on the subject of Gymbox in Farringdon, Flying Fantastic run their classes out of this space twice a week. Fly through the air with the wonder of ease as you try out Aerial Hoop –  a class which will transport you back to the golden age of the big top. Use the hoop to perform an endless variety of balances, tricks and routines. Learn how to execute the moves effectively whilst improving your balance, strength and performance skills along the way. Classes are extremely popular (booking recommended), so if you can’t get in at Farringdon, it might be worth travelling slightly further afield to Old Street or Angel where there are more classes scheduled on a weekly basis.


Short for metabollic conditioning, Metcon is a form of Crossfit workout that tests your stamina and strength while working your entire body. Typically Metcon follows either a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) format with short periods of intense exercise followed by similar length at a lower intensity, or circuit training with various exercises performed back to back. HIIT approaches to exercise are more effective at fat burning than steady-state cardio. You can expect to work your behind off for a short period of time at DW Gyms Metcon offering.


If you’ve seen some of the Pilates machines available, you might think they look a bit like modern day torture devices, but they’re really not, and classes at Body Control Pilates Centre include both machine and matwork for a strong full body workout. If you’ve been thinking about trying Pilates for a while, but haven’t got round to it, now’s your chance. Body Control Pilates are offering 20% off block bookings of Pilates classes for Midtown Employees. They are also running a Pilates Taster Week – starting 8th Jan when you can try one off classes! Call 0207 636 8900 to book or email info@bodycontrol.co.uk and mention “Midtown Discount”.

So will you be seeing in 2018 with any of the alternative exercise classes London Midtown and beyond has to offer? If you know of any others in Midtown, we’d love to hear about them. Drop us a message on Facebook or Tweet us with your ideas!