The destination of choice for business in London

Midtown is the place to be for businesses. From heritage to housing, law to lifestyle, food and drink to future technology – we are diverse, innovative and we lead the way. Together we think big, do things differently and raise our profile to attract success.

We are the postcodes household names call home.

We know we’ve got something special, and we want to share it. As the cheerleaders for Midtown, we’ve generated substantial press and media coverage for our district and the brands that call us home. We’ve built relationships with high profile media partners – from the Evening Standard to Time Out – and we beat the drum on behalf of businesses in Midtown. We share our stories through our e-communications, social media, events, website and street banners on our mission to promote the place we love.

We’re all about thinking big and helping ideas come alive. Our Midtown Big Ideas Exchange is London’s most innovative and dynamic series of debates, featuring leading names in business across the board from law and tech to culture.

We’re a hotbed of heritage, culture and creativity. Our streets are steeped in history and buzzing with life. We believe it’s all connected. And it’s waiting for you to explore. We are the map that connects the city. Geographically we connect the dots between our history and our future. We help you navigate your way through Midtown’s significant streets so you’ll never need to ask directions.

Our wayfinding project, Walk Midtown, provides guided tours for visitors, tourists and team-building days that encourage exploration of our dynamic district. We tell the powerful stories of the people, the buildings and the brands that make Midtown so successful. Retrace the steps of the Beatles in Bloomsbury, find the site of Sweeney Todd’s barbershop or uncover Midtown’s historic Little Italy.

Walk with us and meet our Ambassadors. They know Midtown like the back of their hand, can tell you its secrets and keep their ears to the ground. They also share safety and security data and help to connect street sleepers with homeless charity networks. Dealing with 120,000 enquiries a year and reporting on average over 2000 issues a year, Ambassadors are the lifeblood of Midtown.

Where competitive advantage comes with the postcode

Collective thinking makes incredible things happen. We bring together businesses in Midtown to share resources, services and expertise. It’s a powerful catalyst for cost-savings, environmental benefits and real social change.

Postcodes that pilot change

From trialling single-point courier drops for packages to sharing one supplier for delivery of milk, bread, tea, fruit and those staple business basics, we’re committed to pilot schemes that support our community. We focus on reducing pollution, improving clean air and streamlining processes to save you time, money and turn our district green.

Cycling is just one example. It’s green and clean. So, we’ve made things better for our cycling community with the Midtown cycle vault. Beneath Bloomsbury Square is a place to securely park your bike, fix it up, keep your kit and get a proper shower. It’s a real gamechanger for the commute and an example of how a simple shared space can make a real difference.

Together we’re stronger. Our Property Group connects the big names in property investment and development to share a vision for the Midtown of the future. With a collective voice we can then work in partnership with local authorities to ensure Midtown continues to thrive.

The place where the future is even more exciting than the past

Faster trains, bigger stations, less crime, cleaner air, more space. Following in the world-famous footsteps of pioneering architects and innovators from years gone by, Midtown is setting the benchmark other districts will long to reach.

Together we’re transforming Midtown into one of the world’s best-connected places.

We’re passionate about progress and the power of a world-class transport infrastructure. Representing the collective voice of businesses in Midtown, we’re working with London leaders such as the London Mayor, the Greater London Authority, and Transport for London to make change happen – including one of the largest and most complex changes ever undertaken: A £600m upgrade for Holborn station to double its size, creating crowd-free space and step-free access. Not forgetting Farringdon, which is set to be the station with the fastest journey time to all the South’s airports and connects Brighton to Cambridge and Reading to Essex.

Change doesn’t happen by accident. From tree pits on Kingsway and heritage lighting on Bedford place to de-cluttering High Holborn, we’re improving the overall impression of all the places we love.

We’re excited about big changes to come for Prince’s Circus, New Oxford Street, Clerkenwell Green and the Holborn gyratory systems which will improve our environment and be a breath of fresh air – something that we also monitor regularly. We share data with the Mayor’s office to tighten our focus on our clean-air initiatives – such as the Midtown cycle vault under Bloomsbury Square and smart deliveries using electric vehicles.

Together with the Metropolitan Police, we’re working towards a more secure future for Midtown. A place where cyber-crime doesn’t pay, and where our streets feel safe for us all.

We lobby our local authorities to make crime-cutting changes around poorly-lit areas, cleaning standards and recessed doorways. We’re raising awareness of moped-assisted theft. We know the issues and hotspots and we take a proactive approach to making a difference.

A community of villages creating a legacy of social good

Imagine growing seasonal produce on the roof in your lunch hour. Harvesting homemade honey from urban hives. Helping young people earn and learn – while gaining even more in return. A place where being green, clean and socially responsible is second nature. Where we volunteer, collaborate and innovate for the greater good. Where living ethically makes you feel alive. Welcome to Midtown.

Bringing urbanites closer to nature, our rooftop gardens and beehives are perfect for a spot of green-fingered good work. We can also connect businesses with our network of local charities to create corporate volunteering and donating opportunities.

Our professional gardeners are helping rooftop gardens pop up on top of businesses all over Midtown. With a little help, employee volunteers learn to maintain the gardens, using recycled rainwater and food waste compost. And the food grown goes right back into our community through canteens, cafes and restaurants. Green spaces bring benefits in many ways – attracting investment, improving productivity and encouraging visitors. And eco-friendly inventions can brighten up our streets – like beautiful bike locks that double up as plant pots.

Our bountiful bees live on the rooftops of Midtown in sustainable hives built with extra insulation to keep them warm in winter. We run workshops to celebrate these incredible insects – your team could learn how to extract honey, make honey beer, lip balm and more. What’s more, we share the products amongst the community, connecting our beekeepers to local cafes and shops.


We know there are many local people looking for work, and lots of businesses across all sectors who want to make a difference. So, we look for ways to link them up. Like when a team of young people ran their own mini advertising agency guided by industry professionals, or when the British Museum gave invaluable training and experience to another group. Use your change to ‘Bee The Change’ Rather than giving to individuals and risk funding organised crime rings, we’re setting up a district-wide initiative for people on the streets to help those that need a hand up.