Roadworks, reporting a street issue and crime prevention

The Midtown BID district includes separate areas covered by either Camden or Islington Councils, road works, anti-social and environmental issues are dealt with by variant departments at both organisations.

Camden Council Support

The Camden Routes off The Streets Team is an outreach service that goes out onto the streets of the London Borough of Camden 7 days a week.

You can report rough sleeping and incidents of antisocial street activity to Camden Routes off The Streets via the website or by downloading the app.

Camden Routes off The Streets

Report a Street Problem

West End Project: Up-coming Planned Works and Street Closures in Camden

Islington Council Support

StreetLink is a 24/7 website and mobile app, which allows you to send an alert about the location of someone sleeping rough. This information will then be passed on to the relevant local services so they can try to find and connect them with support. Alternatively you can download a map and list of direct access services and help a homeless person find direct help in Islington.

StreetLink can be contacted either through the website or by downloading the StreetLink app.

Islington StreetLink

Report a Street Problem

Report a Recycling and Rubbish Problem

You can report dog fouling, fly tipping, fly posting, graffiti, street littering and full litter bins by downloading the Cleaner Islington app.

Up-coming Planned Works and Street Closures in Islington


The Metropolitan Police uses crime assessment principles in deciding which shoplifting crimes to
They consider:

  • The value of the item(s) stolen
  • If the suspect is known
  • If there is CCTV, ready for collection which shows a clear facial image of the suspect

If the value is above £50 and there is CCTV ready for collection then the crime should be

If you have an incident of shoplifting that fits the above criteria you can report it here.

Useful Crime Prevention and Counter Terrorism advice

Crime Prevention Advice
Advice and support across a variety of crime types

National Business Crime Centre
Reducing crime through police and business partnerships

National Counter Terrorism Security Office
Counter terrorism information and contact details

Project Argus
Identifying measures to help businesses prevent, manage and recover from a terrorist incident