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We are midtown. We are at the heart of london’s centre. Where ec1 meets wc1.Where london’s best-connected postcodes come together. We are the capital’s capital, the future of london’s commercial and social prosperity.We are a place to play. A place to work, innovate and explore. We are the catalyst for change. Where businesses connect to shape the streets for the better. Where the ideas of employees ignite and inspire. Where an eclectic collection of individuals unite through our range of services, events and projects. Where pavements tell stories, bringing history alive. We are the streets of holborn, bloomsbury, st. Giles, farringdon and clerkenwell.

London Real Estate Forum
June 2019

Midtown was featured at the London Real Estate Forum for the first time ever this year. BEE Midtown’s stand in the main exhibition area showcased our new economic data sets showing the growth in performance as London’s commercial center. We took to the stage and hosted a lively and engaging panel discussion, Midtown Value: Building Capital for London’s Future, and we screened our new video, London is Moving East.

The panel consisted of Susan Freeman, Partner, Mishcon de Reya LLP; Tony Travers, Director, LSE London; Alexander Jan, Chair, BEE Midtown; Georgia Gould, Leader, Camden Council.


The destination of choice for business in london.

Midtown is the place to be for businesses. From heritage to housing, law to lifestyle, food and drink to future technology – we are diverse, innovative and we lead the way. Together we think big, do things differently and raise our profile to attract success.


Where competitive advantage comes with the postcode.

Collective thinking makes incredible things happen. We bring together businesses in Midtown to share resources, services and expertise. It’s a powerful catalyst for cost-savings, environmental benefits and real social change.


The place where the future is even more exciting than the past.

Faster trains, bigger stations, less crime, cleaner air, more space. Following in the world-famous footsteps of pioneering architects and innovators from years gone by, we’re catapulting Midtown into the destination of the future.


A community of villages creating a legacy of social good.

Imagine growing seasonal produce on the roof in your lunch hour. Harvesting homemade honey from urban hives. Helping young people learn and earn – while gaining even more in return. A place where being green, clean and socially responsible is second nature. Where we volunteer, collaborate and innovate for the greater good. Where living ethically makes you feel alive. Welcome to Midtown.

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BEE Midtown has created an innovative inner-city pilot: BEE The Change. It works through collective action and the results are measurable. The campaign urges you and your colleagues to stop giving on the street; to consider the negative impact it can have on Midtown and those in real need and provides a sustainable path to donating.


Future london.

Together with the Evening Standard, Bee Midtown is creating a pilot project on sustainability and specifically the reduction in the use of plastic within our district. We will encourage good practices in the area’s offices, cafés, restaurants, bars and shops to show what is possible in the everyday busy working environment and during the commuter rush. The methods will be simple, the results should be inspiring.


Holborn Underground station upgrade

A new-look for Holborn station to transform your commute. Making that breakfast meeting first thing. Catching your connecting train, the gym class you’ve only made once – but still pay for. Or making it home in time to read that bedtime story. We’re paving the way to give you the time that matters most in your day – making the changes needed to transform your commute at Holborn.



There’s always a buzz about Midtown. Our district is a hive of eclectic activity where work and play go hand in hand. A place that welcomes the wild. Where green is a lifestyle choice and social responsibility is a daily objective. We’re proud of our urban environment, our heritage and the legacy we’ve been left to protect. That’s why we’re committed to preserving our home for future generations.


Midtown Big Ideas Exchange

Think differently, challenge tradition.

The Midtown Big Ideas Exchange is London’s most dynamic series of debates, celebrating the eclectic innovation of Midtown and its people. Bringing together the brightest minds of the moment, this is our space to rebelliously rethink London’s business, economic, environmental and sustainable future.


Guided Walks

Free guided walks.

Our free seasonal guided walks encourage exploration of our dynamic district. We tell the powerful stories of the people, the buildings and the brands that make Midtown so successful. Retrace the steps of the Beatles in Bloomsbury, find the site of Sweeney Todd’s barbershop or uncover Midtown’s historic Little Italy.


Bespoke walks for businesses.

If you are a local business, how about arranging a special walk for your staff? Choose from our existing programme or let us organise one on a theme of your choice. A walk makes a perfect part of a special event, staff day out, office party or leaving do.


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