15th November, 2019


November 2019 sees the launch of Midtown BID’s annual Bee the Change campaign, aimed to make a sustainable, positive difference to the district’s homeless. 

The campaign looks to divert the kindness and proactiveness of Midtown’s workers, visitors and residents, from giving money directly on the street to embracing a collective approach. 

This pioneer campaign, a first of its kind in London, takes more of a strategic view, collecting measurable results, working in partnership with third parties and allowing us to make a real difference to those truly in need. READ MORE

Giving money on the street rarely solves the complex problems suffered by the genuinely homeless, and in some cases can have a negative effect. Instead, Midtown BID has facilitated a process through which help can be directed towards measurable solutions to homelessness on our streets, ensuring it gets to those who really need it.  

Following a sustainable path to donating will have a wider reach and a longer-term benefit. 

Midtown BID has lined up a number of ways in which people can get involved as an individual or as a group, through their organisation. These can be summarised as follows:  

PLEDGE your support for making a real change to homelessness in Midtown. Follow the link, scroll down and click the ‘PLEDGE’ button and your support will be anonymously tallied.  

SHARE your commitment to transform homelessness and discourage street giving in Midtown to your network and we can make a collective effort to help end homelessness in London.   

DONATE any amount yourself, via one of our selected local charities C4WS in Camden and St. Mungo’s Project in Islington; fundraise as a group or get behind the campaign on a strategic level, individually or through your company.  

Midtown BID is disseminating this information and advice through an email campaign, backed up with Linked-In activity and across its social media channels. The campaign will run until Spring 2020. 

More information can be found here: