BEE Midtown represents over 400 businesses in Holborn, Bloomsbury, St. Giles, Farringdon and Clerkenwell. While we’re aware our district is world class in business, it is then also a prosperous, busy hub. The combination of high footfall and multiple transport connections in the area naturally brings about opportunities for anti-social behaviour. We recognise that this can affect the daily perception of safety on our streets and create a potentially precarious environment for business and leisure.

On a hyper-local level, BEE Midtown continues to support the Met Police regarding issues on our streets such as opportunistic crime that often masquerades as homelessness. As individuals we naturally want to help those less fortunate than ourselves, however we can’t track where a coin in a cup is going.

Our purpose is to drive sustainable, commercial and social growth in the Midtown district of London for all who work, visit and live here. BEE The Change is a campaign designed to do exactly this. It urges you reconsider street giving. Instead, we have facilitated a process where you can direct your help towards measurable solutions to homelessness on our streets, ensuring it gets to those who really need it.

We urge you to stop donating on the street – if none of us give money, the opportunity for anti-social behaviour would disappear.

PLEDGE your support and SHARE the message of Bee The Change so we can start to make a real change in Midtown. Tell your colleagues, friends and network and endorse change throughout your company. We can only have a real impact if we all act collectively.

To help the genuine homeless you can donate individually, fundraise as a group or business, or volunteer your time to training that will help individuals back into employment.

Together we can reduce crime and help the homeless on Midtown’s streets through this collective and sustainable model. BEE The Change today!

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