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The Midtown Big Ideas Exchange (MBIE) is London’s most innovative and dynamic programme of debates, workshops, podcasts, research and thought leadership about the future of work

The Midtown Big Ideas Exchange brings Midtown businesses together to share knowledge pan-industry and regardless of scale of operation or reach. We all have business goals that require the fundamentals of, talent management, office accommodation, and responsible supply chain procurement, through to strategic business development and innovation.

Our programme is grounded in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) – these are a set of targets agreed by the UN in 2015. We have identified four where we believe Midtown businesses can have the biggest impact – Reduced Inequalities (SDG 10); Sustainable Cities And Communities (SDG 11); Responsible Consumption And Production (SDG 12); and Partnerships For The Goals (SDG 17).

Using the UN SDGs our series of debates over 2019/2020, will focus on the growing shift in sustainable business practices and how these are driving business growth. Attendees will hear from their peers, as well as sustainable development specialists, about the practical steps that are already being taken in Midtown to bring about positive change.

Want to be part of the movement in Midtown? Sign up to the upcoming debate, RE-IMAGINING CAPITAL: DEFINING VALUE IN A CIRCULAR ECONOMY

The full 2019/20 MBIE programme will include:

4 events: 02 October; 30 October; 27 November; and, 29 January 2020

A series of podcasts – interviews with Midtown movers, shakers and influencers

A series of video interviews – showcasing Midtown and those who invest here

A selection of thought leadership articles and digital content


The Midtown Big Ideas Exchange podcasts, alongside our series of events and debates, will focus on the growing shift in sustainable business practices and how these are driving business growth.

EPISODE 1: The first podcast of the Midtown Big Ideas Exchange programme looks at the topic of Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Peter Murray, Chairman, New London Architecture talks to Michael Wilson about the long term health of cities, with particular reference to London’s Midtown.