30th June, 2020

Midtown BID are excited to announce our new membership of the Cross River Partnership (CRP) and working with them towards a sustainable and successful future for London.

CRP’s vision is to work with its partners to address the grand challenges of our time and shape the London of tomorrow. To be an inspiration for the city and its projects used as a blueprint for others to follow. CRP are a test bed for new ideas and an exemplar of positive change for all – ‘Delivering London’s Future Together’.

“CRP is extremely pleased to be welcoming Midtown BID as the latest new member of its partnership that comprises 18 Business Improvement Districts, 8 Local Authorities and other strategic agencies involved with supporting London out of lockdown.

CRP looks forward to delivering projects with Midtown BID on Healthy Walking, Cycling, Working and Living, as we emerge from the first phase of the Covid crisis”

Susannah Wilks, Director of Cross River Partnership.

“Midtown BID are delighted to be joining the Cross River Partnership and the alignment of many shared goals, initiatives and objectives.

We look forward to being an active participant in both current and future projects as we all work towards establishing a renewed and reinvigorated city”.

Debbie Akehurst, Interim CEO, Midtown BID