9th October, 2019

In March 2019, Midtown BID called for submissions for the design of a new ‘focal and inventive’ information kiosk to replace the existing fixed structure outside Holborn Underground station. 

The existing, manned kiosk, located on Kingsway, oversees a bustling location between the City and the West End: a meeting point of history, culture, commerce, education and creativity. The kiosk aims to welcome, direct and interact with as many visitors as possible. READ MORE

However, the way people communicate, source information and traverse through cities is changing rapidly, and Midtown BID considered that its interactions should change to keep pace. 

Midtown BID’s brief to urban visionaries and designers included requirements to reduce pedestrian congestion and provide transparency from different viewpoints. The new structure should include sustainable elements and be fully accessible. A water station and air quality monitoring unit were specified.  

We also required the design to reflect the creativity that is core to the success and growth of Midtown. 

Importantly, the new kiosk should be designed to provide information digitally. As a separate project, Midtown BID has been working with innovative technology companies to develop MyMidtown, a digital information platform to be housed within the newly designed kiosk.

Innovation is core to the success of Midtown, which hosts creative, professional and technical sector specialisms of global significance. Inviting contributions and ideas from our thriving architecture and design community was key to the energy of this project. The winner of the design competition was Donnchadha Gallagher from architects Grimshaw, with Highly Commended entries from BDP; and a joint entry from Tom Eddison and Graeme Pratt. The existing structure will be replaced with the winning design in 2020. 

The shortlisted, highly commended and winning designs were all displayed at a dedicated exhibition, hosted at the Building Centre from 9 October to 9 November 2019 and can be viewed here